Auth system
Add auth to your application without writing tedious code.
UI kit for web

Protect your webapps with a crisp auth UI.

Unauthenticated users are prompted to login/register and are redirected to your app on success automatically.

Hasura k8s Platform auth providers

Enable auth providers for your users via the auth UI kit, or by integrating with the Hasura k8s Platform auth APIs.

Enabling automatic merging of users signing in with different providers; e.g: in case a user signs up with Google and then signs up with Facebook.

Authorization middleware

Add authorization to your backend code (microservice) without writing code to resolve tokens.

Incoming authorization headers, or session-tokens, are automatically converted to HTTP headers that your code can use.


Add custom roles to users to model behaviour accurately

Integrate custom auth providers

API explorer

Test auth APIs, generate client-side code for your apps.

Comes with a user management dashboard.

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