Postgres + Instant APIs
Get graph APIs in GraphQL and JSON for managing data in your apps without writing any code.

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Powerful GraphQL Query Syntax

Fetch data from multiple tables using relationships, without duplicating data.

Reduce multiple network calls with powerful syntax & bulk operations.

Easy to learn data modelling

Go from simple to complex incrementally. Store structured and unstructured data (JSON).

Use constraints and relationships to capture complex requirements.

Complex authorization rules with custom roles

Specificy authorization rules based on any property in your table or through relationships.

Add custom roles to enforce different types of authorization rules.

API console

Use a query-builder to grok the data API syntax easily.

Test APIs easily and then generate client side code for your app.

Use a UI to create tables manage your schema and data.

Schema management & migrations

Migrations are automatically generated when you use the UI to create/modify tables.

Use migrations to work in a team and manage multiple environments easily.

Skip the ORM

Add database features without worrying about connection strings, usernames, passwords and creating model files. Use JSON APIs to work with the database from your backend code.

Directly connect to postgres, whenever you need to!

Backed by Postgres, the world's most advanced open-source database

Use postgres directly for advanced use-cases. E.g:

  • Run transactions
  • Bulk data import/export
  • Create powerful views (temporary tables), aggregations and get instant JSON APIs
Leverage one of the best database communities in the world

Build on a rock-solid scalable database with decades of community knowledge.

Leverage tools from the Postgres ecosystem to accelerate your work as your app grows:

  • Analytics/BI
  • Monitoring
  • Language bindings & data connectors
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