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This quickstart will give you a fast but solid introduction to using hasura.

This project comes with article/author schema (with migration files). There is no configuration required to get this project working apart from the "Clone & Deploy" instructions. Furthermore, usage of core APIs are explained.


Clone & deploy

Any project on can be cloned and deployed. In fact, this hello-world is a hasura project itself.

Step 1: Install the hasura CLI: installation instructions

Step 2: Create a hasura project on your machine

$ # 1) Run the quickstart command
$ hasura quickstart hasura/hello-world

Step 3: Deploy the project to your free cluster!

$ # 2) Git add, commit & push to deploy to your cluster
$ cd hello-world
$ git add . && git commit -m 'First commit'
$ git push hasura master

Note: Your free cluster got automatically created when you ran the quickstart command.