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A ready-to-deploy Alexa skill (with SSL Certificates) made using Python Flask-Ask. It gives you a Yoda quote on invocation.


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Detailed description

Alexa with Yoda quotes


This is an alexa skill which gives you a Yoda quote when you ask for it. It can also be used a a boilerplate for building alexa skills.

How does it work?


You can test out this skill using an Amazon Echo device or at Echosim. The workflow is as follows:

  • You invoke the skill saying "Alexa, start Yoda skill."
  • Alexa will give you a yoda quote and ask if you want more.
  • If you say yes, it would again give you a yoda quote and ask if you want more. If you say no, it will exit out of the skiil.

Internal Implementation

This skill is written in Python using Flask and the python library Flask-Ask. The Implementation is as follows:

  • When you invoke the skill, one of the Yoda quotes is fetched from the database (this data comes along with this project. Don't worry about adding it yourself)and spoken out by Alexa along with a question if you want more of yoda quotes.
  • If you say yes, first step repeats.
  • If you say no, Alexa echoes "Bye" and exits out of the skill.

How to get it up and running?


This skill gets deployed instantly. Also, Hasura automatically generates SSL certificates for you. Just run the following commands to deploy your skill.

(Make sure you have hasura-cli)

$ hasura quickstart rishi/alexa-yoda-skill
$ cd alexa-yoda-bot
$ git add . && git commit -m "Initial Commit"
$ git push hasura master

How to add the skill to your Amazon account?

To link it with your Amazon Echo Device, go to your Amazon developer console.

  1. Create a new skill. Call it Yoda Quote. Give the invocation name as yoda quote. Click next.

  2. Add this intent schema
  "intents": [
      "intent": "YesIntent"
      "intent": "NoIntent"

Leave custom slot types empty. Add the following sample utterances

YesIntent yes
YesIntent sure
YesIntent yeah
YesIntent ok

NoIntent no
NoIntent no thanks
NoIntent nope

Click next.

  1. For the service endpoint, check the HTTPS radio button.

    Put the default URL as https://bot.<cluster-name> (Run $ hasura cluster status from root directory to know your cluster name).

    Note: For quick testing, we have one skill service live at (This test service will work only if you have followed 1 and 2)

    Click next.

  2. About SSL certificates, Hasura services have auto generated LetsEncrypt Grade A SSL certificates. This means, you have to check the radio button that says My development endpoint has a certificate from a trusted certificate authority

    Click next.

  3. Your skill is live on the ECHO device associated with your account. Test it by saying Alexa, load yoda quote. And Alexa will give you Yoda wisdom :)

How to use it as a boilerplate?

The source code lies in the microservices/bot/app/src directory. This is a simple application, so the entire code lies in

You might want to go through the Flask-ask docs (a very quick read).


If you happen to getstuck at any point, feel free to mail me at Also, if you find an error or a bug, please raise an issue here.

Author & License

Source: Not updated
OSS license: MIT License