FAQs for Pro Tier

Hasura’s Pro tier is meant for complex development projects or production deployments that require a managed instance of the Kubernetes Platform. For a list of supported use-cases on the Pro tier, like creating a new cluster, resizing your cluster, etc. please see the relevant documentation. If you have any queries that have not been covered here, please talk to us.


How is infrastructure managed by Hasura?

Hasura uses DigitalOcean and Google Kubernetes Engine to provision dedicated virtualized infrastructure on behalf of developers, and installs the platform and its underlying components.

How much access do I have to the underlying infrastructure?

For troubleshooting any issues with Hasura or custom services, you can directly access the Kubernetes pods and SSH into them. Because most aspects of managing underlying infrastructure are automatically managed by a combination of Kubernetes and Hasura, you don’t need to SSH into the VM or interact with the VM directly.

How are infrastructure issues going to be handled?

Hasura provisions infrastructure from DigitalOcean and Google Kubernetes Engine on behalf of developers. However, we do not actively maintain the infrastructure. Any infrastructure issues will be relayed to the provider. If you are facing such an issue, write to support@hasura.io.

Is there going to be any infrastructure downtime on the Pro tier? If yes, how will I be notified about this?

Cloud infrastructure providers routinely run maintenance operations, both planned and unplanned, that may involve infrastructure downtime. If the provider powering your cluster has such a window, you will naturally be subject to the corresponding downtime. Hasura will communicate updates from cloud providers about planned and unplanned maintenance operations as and when they are received and processed. You can use this information to proactively plan for any related downtime, if applicable.

How do I report infrastructure related issues?

Please report infrastructure issues by sending an email to support@hasura.io.

Platform & Infrastructure maintenance

What maintenance tasks are to be expected on the Pro tier?

Hasura may routinely perform the following maintenance tasks on your Pro tier clusters as and when required:

  1. Automatic platform upgrades (no breaking changes)
  2. Upgrade underlying components to the latest version to improve performance, fix bugs or to make new features available. E.g. upgrading Postgres, Redis, etc.
  3. Patches for security vulnerabilities
  4. Supporting custom infrastructure configurations

Is any downtime to be expected due to these maintenance tasks?

In some cases, yes. The downtime, when there is any, may range from a few minutes to about an hour, depending on factors like the maintenance task, the data/workloads in your cluster, etc.

When are these maintenance tasks performed?

Most maintenance tasks will be performed during a 60 mins window of your choosing. You can indicate your preference here. Some tasks, e.g. critical security patches, will be applied as soon as they are available. You will be notified prior to and post any changes on your clusters.

How will I be notified about any unplanned downtime in my cluster?

In case of any unplanned downtime, for whatever reasons, detailed incident reports will be sent.

Billing and Payments

How do I pay for the Pro tier?

You are required to configure your billing information in the Hasura Dashboard to begin using the Pro tier. You will need to enter details for valid credit cards (Currently, only Visa and MasterCard cards are supported). To authenticate your billing information, your card will be charged for a token amount and the transaction will be reversed immediately. Payments for Pro tier clusters are post-paid in nature and your credit card will be charged based on your usage during the billing cycle.

How is the billable amount calculated?

The billable amount is based on actuals i.e. resources consumed during a billing cycle. You can get an estimate of the cost of your infrastructure configuration by using the pricing calculator at https://platform.hasura.io/pricing. The billed amount is calculated by tracking your actual usage on an hourly basis (prorated to an hour). This amount may differ from the estimates due to variable costs for resources like network and storage (wherever applicable).

What is the billing cycle for Pro tier payments?

Billing cycle is based on calendar months. Usage is tracked for a billing cycle and an invoice for the month is sent on the 1st of the subsequent month. Your credit card is then charged on the 5th.

How can I update my billing information?

To update your billing information like billing address, etc. or to replace a saved credit card, drop a note to support@hasura.io from your registered email address. You will be notified when the changes have been registered. If you are replacing your saved card, you are required to add a replacement card within 72 hours. Failure to do so may lead to your Pro tier clusters being temporarily suspended.

Can I see the usage information and charges for the current billing cycle?

You can get the latest available information on the resources consumed and associated charges for the current billing cycle, in addition to the billing history, by logging into https://dashboard.platform.hasura.io

How can I cancel my subscription to the Pro tier?

To cancel your subscription for a cluster on the Pro tier, delete the cluster first. Your card will be charged with the outstanding amount at the end of the billing cycle.

What if there is a problem with my card and it cannot be used?

If you card cannot be charged, you will receive a notification to update your billing information in the next 3 days, failing which your clusters on the Pro tier will be suspended without notice.

What billing or payment related data is stored with Hasura?

Hasura uses a payment service provider to manage subscriptions and billing for the Pro tier. It does NOT receive or store any payment related information on its servers other than the card holder’s name, the card’s network (VISA or Mastercard) and the last 4 digits of the card number.

How can I use credits or discount coupons?

You can enter the coupon code for you credits in the Hasura Dashboard and it will be automatically applied in your next bill.